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Timuel D. Black: A Life of Jazz and Justice

Timuel D. Black: A Life of Jazz and Justice

Click here to download the PDF file.

The MLK Initiative: Home Movies

[Video] The University of Chicago's 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, featuring keynote speaker Dorothy Butler Gilliam.

Closing Remarks by CKP Director Bart Schultz.

[Video] "The Day Dr. King Died," a conversation between CKP Director Bart Schultz and civil rights legend Prof. Timuel D. Black to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's tragic assassination.

Recent Publications by Bart Schultz

Civic Knowledge Project Progressive Conversations Networking Event

The Civic Knowledge Project on Diversity and the University of Chicago: History, Philosophy, and Critique

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Julian H. Lewis


The Prof. Timuel D. Black Bridges of Memory Distinguished Guest Lecture and Jazz Concert


The Prof. Timuel D. Black Bridges of Memory Distinguished Guest Lecture and Jazz Concert (2016)


The Winning Words Initiative: A Resource Network for Precollegiate Philosophy

Winning Words Conference DVD 1


Panel Discussions


Carnegie Elementary School Discussion


Arts and Science Academy Discussion


Hinsdale Central High School Discussion


Concluding Reflections


The CKP's Home Movies: An Interview with Professor Timuel D. Black

The AKArama Foundation, Graham School, and Civic Knowledge Project Great Conversations on Freedom and Education:

Graham School/Civic Knowledge Project Great Conversations

The Civic Knowledge Project Remembers

Edible Activism Workshop

Edible Activism Workshop, with Bart Schultz, Timuel D. Black, and the Neighborhood Writing Alliance

Philosophizing Green with Nathaniel McLin

Interview with Philosopher Peter Singer (WAV Audio)

Interview with Urban Forester and Tree Advocate Mark Duntemann (WAV Audio)

Interview with Anthropologist Jennifer Hirsch and Philosopher Bart Schultz. (MP3 Audio)

Recent Press

Tributes to Timuel D. Black

Prof. Timuel D. Black's 102nd Birthday Parade and the Timuel D. Black Community Solidarity Scholarship! The CKP's Big Story!

Spring 2020: The examined life

Recent Press for Sacred Ground: The Chicago Streets of Timuel D. Black:
This book was featured on Chicago Tonight, and listed in the Semcoop Notable Books of 2018. It was featured in a review by Norman Stockwell in The Progressive and has been extensively reviewed elsewhere:

For accounts of how this book captures the history and work of the Civic Knowledge Project, see

December 18, 2018: VoyageChicago features Bart Schultz

The Life and Times of Timuel D. Black: A Centenary Symposium

Timuel D. Black Centenary Celebration

100 Years of Hope

Fall 2018: Timuel D. Black: A Change is Gonna Come

April 16, 2018: The Day Dr. King Died—An Interview with Bart Schultz

April 12, 2018: Office of Civic Engagement on The Day Dr. King Died

January 24, 2018: The MLK Initiative

September 28, 2017: South Side tennis coach teams up with UChicago to help minority youth

February 23, 2016: South Side Weekly interviews Bart Schultz, who discusses the CKP, the Obama Library, and the history of UChicago

February 22, 2015: The Sun-Times features the Civic Knowledge Project's historic event, The Life and Legacy of Dr. Julian Herman Lewis

February 17, 2015: Tyrone Haymore, John O. Lewis, and Bart Schultz featured on WBEZ's Morning Shift discussing The Life and Legacy of Dr. Julian Herman Lewis

October 20, 2014: CKP Shout Out in Timuel D. Black Story

August 22, 2014: The CKP on Chicago as Culture Capital

May 15, 2014: Board Leadership Certificate Program connects UChicago with local nonprofits

November 5, 2013: Chicago Maroon Reports on the Winning Words Initiative

October 22, 2013: The Winning Words Initiative Launch Conference

The CKP's Winning Words program wins the American Philosophical Association/Philosophy Documentation Center prize for excellence and innovation in philosophy programming.

July 11, 2013: ShOopPing for space

January 16, 2013: CKP's Winning Words program featured in The CORE: The College Magazine

July 5, 2012: The CKP’s Winning Words philosophy program is featured in the Chicago Tribune and on the Humanities Division website. The program is also featured on the Squires Foundation website

April 24, 2012: CKP’s Winning Words Philosophy Program Featured in The Chicago Maroon

January 18, 2012: Odyssey Project Class at AKArama Foundation in The CORE

November 15, 2011: Rev. Jesse Jackson gives CKP Poverty, Promise, and Possibility initiative a shout out!

October 22, 2011: Humanities Day Session on Ethics, Poverty, and the Humanities

October, 2011: The Geography of Knowledge

January 20, 2011: Medill Reports on the Poverty, Promise, and Possibility Initiative

October 8, 2010:Hyman, JFK speechwriter, touts Great Books

October 8, 2010: Gardening a perennial pursuit in Hyde Park

October 5, 2010: Poverty, Promise, and Possibility Inaugural Public Discussion!

May 26, 2010: CKP Director Bart Schultz on the Harper Court Redevelopment Plan

May 17, 2010: Students are Odyssey Project heroes

March 11, 2010: CKP Director Bart Schultz on Obama's Pragmatism, at the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

November 25, 2009: New garden at OMSA reflects South Side's History through narratives of Timuel D. Black

October 13, 2009: Edible garden at 5710 celebrates Hyde Park history

September 21, 2009: The Civic Knowledge Project Southside Arts & Humanities Network Help Jazz Festival

April 2, 2009: The Network: Sustaining creative partnerships on Chicago’s South Side

April 2, 2009: Engaged citizens speak up: Café Society is talk of the town

February 19, 2009: Odyssey Project aims to sustain love of learning through reflection, communication and critical thinking

November 4, 2008: Have a cookie and a quote; It only matters if you vote!

October 9, 2008: CKP helps sustain community groups through network that connects themto one another

October 2008: CKP Lauded for Sustainability

October 2008: Program helps teens grow while beautifying Woodlawn community

October 31, 2007: Humanities for Humanity: A log from Humanities Day 2007

August 16, 2007: Civic Knowledge Project receives endowment gift

University of Chicago's Civic Knowledge program brings together, helps growing South Side arts scene

March, 2007: "Winning Words" Brings Urban Debate to Chicago Middle Schools

March 15, 2007: Growth in outreach programming leads to gains in leadership for Humanities ECivic Knowledge Project

New Media

Poverty, Promise and Possibility

Poverty, Inequality, and the Role of Government

May 16, 2012

Poverty: A Sociological Perspective

October 27, 2011

Poverty and the Humanities

October 27, 2011

Community Forum: Education and Engagement

November 22, 2011

The Social Determinants of Urban Health

October 27, 2011

Reforming Urban Schools at Scale

October 27, 2011

Poverty and Urban Schooling

October 27, 2011

Community Forum: Beyond Promise Zone Initiatives

October 27, 2011

Places in Need: The Changing Geography of Poverty in the U....

October 27, 2011

Community Forum: Promise Zone Initiatives

October 27, 2011

The Humanities in Difficult Circumstances

Bronzeville History

Enhancing Assets